Home on the Range

Home on the Range

You’d better be Ready because life here can be Rough!

Windmill shimmering in heatwaves

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At times during the process of writing new web posts or books, we look for beta and advance readers to provide critique so that improvements can be made prior to publication. Currently on the table is a partial re-write of currently-published Summer of the Phoenix, about a challenging,  unemployed year pioneering in off-the-grid eastern Colorado. We’re looking for suggestions on content, readability, relevance, new title and subtitle, and book cover. (It gets good reviews, yet needs more of them!) What would catch your attention and pique your interest as a potential reader? What makes a good book cover? We really do care to know! If you possess a sincere interest to become part of this endeavor, and will provide an honest critique of the book (content, title, cover, etc.) please contact us for a (free) .pdf copy. Thank you for your interest!

Please enjoy your visit here, and let us know what else you would like to learn about living in Eastern Colorado!